Nyla Selene Cup Size Guide

Selene Cup

Indulge in the classic design of our Selene Nyla Cup, featuring a small handle and non-slip lines that exude timeless elegance. This cup is carefully crafted to provide the perfect fit and ultimate comfort.

For those with a lower cervix, our Selene Nyla Cup is the ideal choice. Its innovative design caters to your unique needs, offering a seamless and worry-free period experience. With Nyla Cup, you can embrace your femininity with confidence and grace.


Selene Large

Capacity: 30ml

Wall Thickness: 2.0mm

Normal to heavy flow (3-4 tampons). 

High-capacity or after a first vaginal childbirth

Best suited to

Over 25's or those who have given birth.

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Selene Small

Capacity: 23ml

Wall Thickness: 2.0mm

Light to normal flow (2-3 tampons). 

First-time user & adult menstruators.

Best suited to

Under 25's or those who haven't given birth.

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